Maintence Team

     Our maintenance team is the behind the scenes group that ensures the interior and exterior of the building is maintained and provide a safe and warm environment to worship God.  They plow the parking lot, snowblow the sidewalk, cut grass, trim hedges, conduct repairs of electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and flooring/walls within the building. 

     Keeping a historical building functioning is labor intensive.  This group of men and women do a great job of doing things that most people don't even notice on Sunday morning.  Without this team, Sunday mornings could not happen the way they do.   

Get Involved

     Do you enjoy working with your hands.  Has God gifted you with the ability of maintaining and preserving.  This may be the ministry for you.  Led by our Deacons, this ministry happens throughout the week, during the day and after hours.  If this interests you, please contact Dave Bouyea @ (518)726-6955