GLO Children's Ministry

Our Vision

     The goal of GLO is to engrave on the hearts of children our greatest commands - to love God and love others. We make it our priority to do this in a fun and safe environment! Our GLO Staff teaches the importance of loving God by coming to church regularly to learn about Him and honor Him through our classes and music. Loving others is something we do through real friendships. We encourage each other to honor God in our everyday lives - kids and staff alike!

     We provide classes for children up to the age of 12, to include a nursery for newborns!  This allows the parents to enjoy the service knowing their child is being supervised, while learning about God at a very young age.  

     The children divide into groups according to age to enable the ability to interact and learn with children of their own age.

     Many of our qualified, dedicated teachers, and volunteers help lead C3's very own GLO Program each Sunday during the 11:00am service!

Get Involved

     GLO is the future generation and we believe that it's here where the foundation of Loving God and Making Disciples begin.   

     Consider this ministry if you love children and want to teach them the truths of God's word. 

    Do you want to use your gifts and abilities in the GLO Ministry?  Please contact Jesse Schuring at