GLO Children's Ministry

Our Vision:

 The goal of GLO is to engrave on the hearts of children our greatest commands - to love God and love others. We make it our priority to do this in a fun and safe environment! Our GLO Staff teaches the importance of loving God by coming to church regularly to learn about Him and honor Him through classes and music. Loving others is something we do through real friendships. We encourage each other to honor God in our every day lives - kids and staff alike!


We provide classes for all kids under the age of 13 - including a nursery for newborns! Parents can enjoy the service knowing that their child is being well cared for. 


GLO has an amazing worship band entirely made up of kids from GLO Children's Ministry and teens from Ingite Youth Group. This gives all students the opportunity to sing, have fun, and worship God....GLO style! 


The children split up by age to give them the chance to interact and learn with other kids their own age. 


Many qualified and dedicated teachers / volunteers, put on C3's very own GLO Program every sunday during the 11:00am service!