Ministry Leadership

Scott Baldwin - Pastor

Ian and Sandra Biggi - Golden Eagles

Our daughter and son-in- law, members of Temple Baptist Church in Halfmoon, told us about the Amsterdam church plant and its need for seasoned Christians to help and strengthen its ministry. It was then we started attending CrossRoads. We have three married daughters, eight grandchildren, one foster granddaughter and her two children. We have sponsored three international children through World Vision for many years. Sandy grew up in a Christian home, was taught the Scriptures and was mentored by parents, grandparents and many dedicated people of her Church. At age ten, she was led to the Lord by her Sunday School teacher and went before the Church to publicly demonstrate her commitment. As a child, Ian learned about Jesus Christ in Sunday School and during Confirmation Class recognized the need to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Since that salvation experience and being baptized, he has served at local churches for over forty years.

Kevin and Janelle Collins - Cafe'

Bob and Pam Duffy - Building Maintenance

Christine Ferris - Greeting Team

Beginning during a walk up a country road as a teenager, while struggling with very serious health problems, I desperately asked God: “ Why me?”. A firm yet loving answer came back: “Because I know you can handle it”. I curiously began searching for God but was left empty. Along the way, I met my husband Lee and we have been happily married for 25 years now! In 2010, after being invited to C3 by a friend, Pastor Scott closed the message by giving an invitation to accept salvation - something I had never heard before! I accepted the Lord that day and was later baptized. My life has been one constant and amazing unfolding ever since!

Sandra Moore - Secretary

For the first 16 years of my life, I lived in a foster home. Though there were many sad memories, I knew that there had to be a God and that could make life better than the one I was living at that time. Through a bus ministry at my local church, I accepted Christ as my Savior on April 28th,1974. I prayed for the next year that God would save my sister and I from foster care - and He did! He gave me a loving family to call my very own. I married my husband Steve in August of 1987 and we are blessed with 3 children - Travis (24), Kelsey (22), and Austin (17). After not attending church for years, we visited CrossRoads in the spring of 2011 and God did a work in our hearts that day! In summer of 2013 I began working as the C3 Secretary. After becoming fully invested in ministry, we finally felt at home at CrossRoads.

Ken Sluti - AV Team

I grew up in a Baptist Church.  At about age 5, I asked Christ to come into my heart in Sunday School. After I graduated, I started falling away from God. My wife Jodi and I were married in 1997 and it took her to pull me back from where I was headed. When we were expecting our first child, Jodi suggested that we should start going to church. This began my journey back to God. We now have four children that all serve in ministry at C3 - Kaden (16), Kaleb (14), Kenny (10), and Juliana (8). We pray that we have set such an example of service that they will always serve in church. Our family got connected through some gatherings with the families that eventually started CrossRoads. We felt God calling us to an area that needed God and began to get invested at C3.

Jamie Woodman - Worship Arts

I grew up in a Christian home, my Mom’s whole side of the family walked with Christ. I can remember asking Christ on several separate occasions to come into my heart while at summer camp - I wanted to make sure I was saved!  I can tell you however, that I haven’t always been close to Him. Christianity was a journey for me. Even though I knew “right from wrong” my flesh was weak and I made many mistakes along the way. Thank God for His mercy and grace!  I have been married to my husband, Clint, for 20 years! We were blessed with two children who both serve in the C3 Family as well - Kayla (20) and Camden (14). My sister Jodi and her husband Ken invited my family to attend a get together at the Yost Farm. Little did we know, that this was an event that had a much bigger purpose; to not only to fellowship but to begin to get the word out about an up and coming church in Amsterdam. This began our journey at CrossRoads. It was not much after that when Clint and Scott Baldwin hit it off and we were attending the first Sunday service at CrossRoads, Easter Sunday 2007!

D.A. Schuster - SonRise Center

Prior to departing for Vietnam in 1964, I stopped to surprise my sister and to say goodbye (I was flying out the next day). She had a Bible study getting ready to begin. So that I would have the chance to talk to her afterwards, I attended the group as well. The study was on Romans and a term that I had never heard of or understood before - GRACE. Two months later, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and surrendered my life to Him - I am forever changed. In April of 2002, my wife Linda and I stopped in Johnstown, NY with the intent of just staying for the summer to visit some family, but much to our surprise, God had other plans...and we just never left.Through a co-worker, we were invited to CrossRoads in December of the year C3 had opened it’s doors and have been attending and serving ever since In any capacity that He leads! In January of 2016, the Lord took Linda home after her courageous battle with cancer.

Chris Dimarco - Parking Lot Ministry

I was born to two young Christians who did a pretty good job teaching me about the Bible but all that knowledge wasn't a relationship with Jesus. I was a lonely kid but kept praying for that lonesome feeling to go away. The words “I am always with you” (Isaiah 43:5) kept buzzing around my head, something I knew but did really understand. Finally realized it wasn’t people I was missing,  I was missing a real connection to God. It was then I accepted the Lord. There have been many uphill battles since then, but also many blessings. My wife, Sandra, and I have been married for 10 years now. It was through one of her coworkers that we were invited in 2011 to CrossRoads for the first time! We came carrying many worldly burdens, but decided to commit ourselves to attending church regularly and are now both happily serving within the C3 Family.